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Opening hours 2023

Attended welcome center

08.08 - 30.09        12:00-16:00
Saturday and Sunday: Close

Stave church and exhibitions

18.05 - 30.09        12:00-16:00

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Motorhome parking

Drive-in around the clock


ÅPENT hele året - Selvbetjent

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Gol Stave Church is the main attraction in Gordarike. A faithful copy of Gol Stavkyrkje was started in 1980 and was consecrated by the bishop of Tunsberg in 1994.
While the original stave church stood high and free in the mountainside, the copy was built as a lighthouse at the village of Gol.


In Gordarike, you will first and foremost experience a faithful copy of Gol Stavkyrkje. - A sunny, beautiful wooden temple with a magical atmosphere.

The Viking longhouse Valhall has exhibitions about the Norse gods. Tableaus and figures describe some of the Vikings' gods. King Hadding's Graveyard shows exhibitions and information about Vikings, trolls and tusks. Superstitions and legends from Gol that have influenced people's lives. Take a look inside the Hahaugtroll's home, - a small cave under the ground. In Nissehuset, mechanical elves work with the Christmas presents.

King Hadding's burial mound

It is said that it was King Hadding and his sons who ruled in Hallingdal in the time before Harald Hårfagre. The legend says that there was a battle between the two sons of King Hadding in Gol, and that one of the brothers fell. Therefore, today you can visit King Hadding's Graveyard in Gordarike, which is an exhibition about Vikings and legends from Gol.