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King Hadding's Burial mound

Updated: May 2, 2023

For the Vikings, death was a transition to a new status. When a person died, his personality and power did not disappear, but it passed into a new form of existence in the grave or in one of the realms of the dead. The dead were usually given grave goods in the grave, even when the body was to be cremated. It was common for the deceased to bring objects that had a symbolic meaning to him or her. It is therefore not uncommon to find weapons, riding equipment or tools in men's graves. On the seventh day after the death, a funeral beer was held. Here it was eaten and a drink of memorial cups for the deceased. The living kept in touch with the dead by placing food and pouring drinks, preferably beer, on the burial mound.

In Gordarike you can enter the burial chamber of King Hadding on the 1st. He is lying there to this day with full armor, weapons and much more.


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